Hilleberg Anjan



3 season tents

Crafted to the same exacting standards Hilleberg tents are renowned for, our new 3 season models are engineered 
expressly to offer 3 season users the same quality and value that our all season users have been enjoying for nearly 
40 years. These are not simply “summer tents”: they use the stout yet light 9 mm poles found in many of our all 
season models and our new, very light Kerlon 1000 outer tent fabric, which boasts a substantial 10 kg/22 lb tear 
strength. Specifically, these tents are built to cope with the unpredictable, often tempestuous climate of northern 
Scandinavia’s snow-free months – a period where the weather can change from warm sunshine to alarmingly cold, 
windy and rainy in an instant. To this end, all three new tents have been subjected to extended periods of quite 
high winds and stormy conditions, which they handled extremely well.

• AnjAn 2 & 3 – Tunnel TenT
Modelled on our proven nallo all season design, the Anjan is the ideal choice for warmer weather trips where light weight and 
simplicity are priorities. Around 25% lighter than the nallo models, the Anjan still offers excellent stability and plenty of room 
for the occupants and their gear. 


HILLEBERG ANJAN is the ideal choice for 
mobile journeys in any terrain during the 

snow-free months of the year. Based on our 

proven, all season Nallo, the Anjan models have 

all the strength necessary for 3 season use in 

exposed and/or above tree line conditions, yet 

they weigh roughly 20% less than their Nallo 


Anjan models share the same 

dependable 9 mm poles found in many of our 

all season models – including the Nallo – but 

they also incorporate our Kerlon 1000 outer 

tent fabric. 

The newest member of our Kerlon fabric family, Kerlon 1000 is signifi cantly 
lighter than the other Kerlons, and it boasts an impressive 10 kg/22 lb tear strength, equal to or greater than many so called 4 season tent fabrics on the market. 
The Anjan is by no means a mere “summer tent.” It is engineered specifi cally to handle the spring, summer and autumn conditions of northern Scandinavia, an area that is largely  above tree line and is notorious for fi ckle weather – weather that can change from warm and sunny to cold, windy, and rainy in an instant. 
The Anjan’s outer tent stretches nearly to the ground, leaving enough space to promote constant air fl ow while still providing protection from driving rain or unseasonable snow squalls, and its bathtub fl oor is constructed to bridge the gap. 

And because of the clever pole sleeve confi guration, the outer tent can be adjusted to put it closer to the ground on the weather side. The outer tent is also constructed so both the front and the back ends can be rolled away in fine weather to provide maximum venting.

The inner tent is a combination of our inner tent fabric, an air permeable, breathable, and highly water repellent fabric, and large areas of mesh. 
This helps stave off condensation in damp times while allowing a large volume of air flow in all weathers.

Hilleberg Anjan 2

Sleep: 2
Packed Weight: 3 lbs 12 oz
Minium Weiht: 3 lbs 1 oz
MSRP: $570
Available: May 2012

Hilleberg Anjan 3

Sleeps 3
Packed Weight: 4 lbs 3 oz
Minium Weight: 3 lbs 8 oz
Msrp: $598
Available: May 2012

Also available in green.

Movie: Hilleberg Anjan - Pitching intruction