Hilleberg Soulo

Hilleberg Soulo

What appealed to me most was the idea that the outer rain shell is already attached to the inner tent - and the poles are attached as an 'exoskeleton' of sorts. So that in foul weather - the inner tent is not exposed to the elements during pitching. 

The tent is completely self supporting - so it can be pitched almost anywhere. The 3 aluminum poles have color coded sleeves - so that the guess work is taken away from pole placements. The inner vestibule is not huge, but large enough to handle most of your gear. You can choose between a red or green exterior - and each has a cheery yellow inner tent.
This is a 4-season tent, and I have used it in heavy cold rain. I have yet to use it in snow, but the shape and taughtness give me plenty of confidence this tent will hold up admirably.

A spare pole \ emergency repair kit is included. The vestibule does not have a floor - but the custom footprint (sold separately) does that job if that is what you need. The tent with accompanying gear weighs 4 lbs 10 oz. (2.1 kg). There is a separate kit that can be purchased that allows you to pitch the inner tent by itself, or pitch the shell only.
Higly recommended.

FEATURES of the Soulo 1 Person Tent by Hilleberg The Soulo's dome design is completely free standing, and the vestibule is included in its self-supporting structure. Its innovative short pole sleeve and clip system construction and linked inner and outer tents make for simple and quick set up. Its design allows for a very compact footprint while maintaining interior roominess. 

Ultralight materials - Kerlon 1200 outer tent fabric and 9 mm poles - combined with the three poles crossing each other in three places - make for a very lightweight yet very stable tent with excellent snow-load handling capability. Pitching requires no pegs, but 12 peg points provide options for increasing stability: six loops, one at each pole end, and six double guy lines with double line runners, one along each pole line. Both the floor space and head room are quite spacious thanks to the three pole structure and dome design. 

The single entrance/single vestibule configuration affords convenience, flexibility and comfort. And the vestibule is parallel to the sleeping area, so access to gear stored there is wonderfully convenient - you can even get at it while lying in your sleeping bag! 

The Soulo's ventilation system functions regardless of weather conditions, since both the inner tent's fabric is highly breathable, and since there is a zipper adjustable vent above the door of the outer tent. Made from a highly air permeable yet water resistant and snow-proof fabric, the vent allows air to flow freely, even when it is zipped closed. And the vent is fully accessible from inside the tent itself, thanks to extra sliders on the inner tent door. 

In addition, one entire side of the inner tent door is a no-see-um mesh panel covered with an equal sized, zipper-adjustable fabric panel. A separate vent cover ensures that the weather stays on the outside. SPECIFICATIONS: Minimum Weight: 1.7 kg / 3 lbs 12 oz Packed Weight: 2.2 kg / 4 lbs 13 oz Inner Height: 95 cm / 38 in Inner Tent Area: 2.0 m2 / 21.5

Movie: Hilleberg Soulo - Pitching instructie