Bullace & Mugwort Gin

Is it Bullace or Sloe? The question keeps getting asked. Bullace is half way 
in size between a Sloe and a Damson. Often mistaken for a Sloe you will 
know you have a Bullace the moment after the first frost, or your freezer!
Bullace tastes Cherry Plummy after frost, however before the frost they can 
be pretty indistinguishable from an over sized sloe. Tart and astringent.

So why Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris)? Well i simply love it, that's the only 
reason and i reckon it will go very well in this recipe if don't over steep 
it. My first finger test is confirming this. You might want to adjust the 
quantities of honey to suit the sweetness of your tooth.
  • 500g Bullace
  • 200g wild flower honey
  • 5g Mugwort flowers/buds
  • 75cl bottle of gin
Suggested Instructions
  1. Freeze Bullace for 48 hours, then defrost and mash with a rolling pin in a large jar.
  2. Dissolve the honey in a cup of gin by stirring, then pour into the jar with the Bullace, Mugwort and add the rest of the gin bottle.
  3. Stir every day for a week, and leave until Christmas… if that's possible.
  4. Makes: 75cl